Omroep Brabant

Agency Triple BV

Traditionally, local news stations are devided in 3 parts. Television, radio and news. Today, this is still visible in their online platforms. News, video and sound are seperated in different pages, because their company is structured that way. For Omroep Brabant, we proposed a new take on the traditional stucture. Let's look at it from the users perspective. What do users prefer? How do they prefer to consume content?

We pitched a concept where we devided the content into four parts.

  1. Homepage - Where al latest news is found, in every type of content. From textual, short-form, video and sound.
  2. Local - Hyper local news with the possibility to filter on locations.
  3. Media - Live TV, live radio, news clips and podcasts.
  4. More - App settings, Eindhoven Airport, Search and everything else.

This breaks with the traditional pillars and it took some time to adjust the company to the new format. But in the end it really paid off.

Like eastereggs? In the app, try tapping the Omroep Brabant logo 5 times. On the website, search for "worstenbroodje".